4 Ways We Enrich Learning

At Wyatt Academy (Wyatt) we believe that courses like Art, Music, Physical Education (PE), and Spanish enrich our Expeditionary Learning (EL) culture and curriculum. Based on recent research and our improving math and reading proficiency scores, we’re right!

Wyatt Academy is a tuition-free K-5 school in Denver with the core values of Wonder, Joy, Opportunity, and Community. We believe our motivational vibe both propels our students to pursue enrichment opportunities and closes the achievement gap.

Enhancing Academic Performance

Our enrichment courses such as Spanish, Art, Music, and PE enhance academic performance. By infusing our early grade curricula with these enrichment courses, we are helping our students improve proficiency in standard subjects. We introduce these enrichment opportunities as early as Kindergarten. Here’s how:

1. Listening to music is like lighting up a disco ball of brain activity. Playing music is a full body workout for your brain.  

2. Helping to boost mood and energy, PE also boosts memory, and attention in the classroom. 

3. Having bi-lingual brains may be healthier than monolingual brains. 

Wyatt Academy student focuses on his ukulele strings in music class, one of many enrichment courses that improves academic success.

Expanding the Enrichment

Here is our ever-growing list of enrichment courses at Wyatt and the academically-related benefits of each:

1. Music

Students learn keyboard, ukulele, guitar, xylophone, drums in Band, learning relatable modern songs. We also teach vocals and students are proficient in at least one instrument by fifth grade. We even created a Wyatt band with electric guitars, keyboards, drums, and vocals! 

Academic benefit: Learning how to play an instrument enhances brain development. Music helps students reduce stress, improve motor skills, and enhance cognitive skills.

2. Art

We explore art by studying famous artists and their techniques.

Academic benefit: Studies show that students who have art in their curriculum are more likely to be recognized for academic performance and attendance. Art improves motor skills, decision-making, visual learning, cultural awareness, and inventiveness. Art and Math influence each other, too!

3. PE

Our Physical Education includes a comprehensive health & nutrition program as well as athletic techniques and muscle movement.

Our Kindergartners learn to balance and ride bicycles and in 2nd grade our Wyatt students get a brand new bike! 

Academic benefit: Multiple studies show that students who get 40-60 minutes of cardio every day have better academic performance. As we noted above, PE improves brain activity and reduces stress/anxiety. Students who get proper exercise have fewer behavioral issues, greater attention spans, better decision-making skills, more positive attitudes, and improved test scores. 

4. Languages

Our neighborhood includes many Spanish speakers, so we teach Spanish at all grade levels and offer English to any students who are not native English speakers.

Academic benefit: Studies show that bi-lingualism exercises all parts of the brain and builds more gray matter. Children (and adults) who learn and practice a second language are better at focusing, tuning out distractions, and have stronger memory!

When we teach our enrichment courses with joy-infused energy, our students learn to love school, embrace wonder, and without knowing it, develop brain fitness for a lifetime of healthy learning and living. We offer all of this motivated education for free at our public K-5 school. Thinking of an enriched learning journey for your Kindergartener? It’s not too late to join us at Wyatt Academy. Enroll with us today!

About Wyatt Academy

Denver’s Wyatt Academy nurtures K-5 students with expeditionary learning and our motivational spirit. Our students experience the power of community, the wonder of seeking knowledge, the joy of celebrating achievements, and the opportunity to grow through the arts. Sharing our garden plots, mini pitch, and Empowerment Center, we feel our essential connection to our community. We are magnetic energy. We are closing the achievement gap. We are Wyatt! Somos Wyatt! Enroll with us today!