Empowerment Center For All

We are Wyatt. Somos Wyatt. We are Community. Wyatt Academy (Wyatt) is a community-built charter school and we believe it is absolutely imperative that we give back to our Cole-Whittier neighborhood. One way we do this is through our Empowerment Center, a free community resource for all to ensure all families are equipped with the resources they need to thrive.

Wyatt is a tuition-free public K-5 school in the Denver area. Our Empowerment Center is in the basement of our beautiful historical school building, yet the center is open to everyone in the community for free resources like food, clothing, laundry, and computer use. The Empowerment Center is open Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM. New this year: health benefits for Wyatt families! 

Wyatt Family Wellness

We are excited to announce that starting in the 2022-2023 school year, through the Empowerment Center, Wyatt will offer health and wellness benefits to families thanks to our innovative partnership with Welcome+. Welcome+ for Wyatt Academy will provide families with high quality health and wellness benefits at no cost, including: 

● 24/7 access to Telemedicine via Teladoc

   ○ No per visit fees

    ○ 10-minute average wait time

● Access to Board-certified doctors, with in-language providers (Spanish, English) 

● Additional health discounts include dental, vision, pharmacy, hearing aids, diabetic supplies, and CT scans/MRIs 

● Benefits include access to legal counsel at discounted rates 

● Fully bilingual English- and Spanish-language support

● Benefits for the entire immediate family, with the head of household registering and adding dependents (including non-Wyatt Academy students)

Please note: this is not health insurance.

It’s our mission to equip all families with the resources they need to thrive and ensure our families have access to reliable, high-quality medical and wellness benefits is a natural extension of our Empowerment Center. Stay tuned for informational forums we will host or contact us if you have any questions.

Food for All

Thanks to amazing leadership, and local resources like Conscience Alliance, We Don’t Waste, and Trader Joe’s, the Wyatt Empowerment Center is well-stocked with food!

Wyatt Academy students smile with joy, holding free groceries in the Empowerment Center, open to the entire Cole-Whittier community.

Conscience Alliance: a 501c(3) organization that encourages food donations through art and music to redistribute much-needed quality food where it is needed most. Their website states that 1 in 6 US children don’t have reliable access to food. Their partnership with schools like Wyatt has been instrumental in reducing child hunger during the pandemic shutdown and beyond.

We Don’t Waste: a non-profit organization that recovers unused quality food from the food industry and redistributes it to the hungry. According to them 40% of all food goes unsold or uneaten across the country. They’re hosting a benefit September 8th in Denver to raise more funds to feed the hungry. Because of them, good food is going to families instead of the landfills.

Trader Joe’s: Through the Neighborhood Shares Program, Trader Joe’s donates “100% of products that go unsold but remain fit to be enjoyed to local food recovery organizations, seven days a week.” Not only does this program help reduce waste, it models how to be a good neighbor and redistribute food to prevent hunger.

Clothing for All

The clothing boutique in our Empowerment Center has clothing for all genders, all ages, for anyone in the community. What we found is that many people in our neighborhood are finding more and more resources moving further outside our community, making it more difficult to get the interview outfit, or new school year clothes, let alone the shoes for sports.

Thanks to donations from generous people from the Denver area, our clothing boutique has racks and shelves of options for members of the community, at no cost.

Financial donations help us provide community resources and directly support students and their families. If you are interested in donating goods, we are currently in need of children’s winter clothing, laundry detergent, hangers, and reusable grocery bags. Donations can be dropped off at 3620 Franklin St, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday. Volunteers are always welcome as well.

When we take care of our community, we take care of each other. We are one beautiful, diverse, caring community and we owe the community our existence. Who are we if we aren’t doing everything in our power to lead by example for our students and give what we can to the very neighborhood who rallied for us

We are Wyatt, a tuition-free public K-5 school serving the culturally diverse, wonderful Denver area. Somos Wyatt. If you haven’t been here yet, we welcome you to visit. You’ll feel the good vibes the moment you walk through our doors, our culture infused with Wonder, Joy, Opportunity, and Community. Your students will thank you for enrolling them in our school. Join us today!

About Wyatt Academy

Denver’s Wyatt Academy nurtures K-5 students with expeditionary learning and our motivational spirit. Our students experience the power of community, the wonder of seeking knowledge, the joy of celebrating achievements, and the opportunity to grow through the arts. Sharing our garden plots, mini pitch, and Empowerment Center, we feel our essential connection to our community. We are magnetic energy. We are closing the achievement gap. We are Wyatt! Somos Wyatt! Enroll with us today!