Top Ten Reasons To Attend Wyatt Academy

Wyatt Academy believes in hands-on, project-based learning – infused with joy and wonder – for the ultimate educational experience. Looking for the best school choice for your K-5 children can be daunting, so we made it easy. Here’s our Top Ten reasons to attend Wyatt Academy:

Wyatt Academy elementary school student ponders how he is going to draw a Secodontosaurus dinosaur, holding a pencil to a workbook in art class.

1. Project-Based Learning With Academic Success

Wyatt Academy practices the Expeditionary Learning (EL) culture and curriculum for all grades, K-5, and we show the academic achievements to match. This means you don’t have to choose between innovative project-based learning and academic success. With Wyatt you get both.

2. Community Built This Charter

The Cole-Whittier neighborhood came together and built this charter school to meet the educational needs of our community. Conveniently located only a few minutes from downtown Denver, we take advantage of the community and culture of vibrant Denver and bring students outside the classroom every chance we get. The more we explore and understand our community, the more we learn how to create a better future in it. 

3. Enriching Our Learning Experiences

At Wyatt, we enrich our students’ experiences with Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish. Our public elementary students thrive in our well-rounded educational environment which embraces all learning styles. 

4. Empowerment Center For All

Community is extremely important to Wyatt. As an integral part of our neighborhood and community, we feel an ambition to give back and nurture every family. Our Wyatt Family Empowerment Center includes food, clothing, laundry, and computers for anyone and everyone in the community. Welcome! Bienvenidos!

5. Celebrate Good Times at Wyatt!

We celebrate everything at Wyatt and we celebrate big! From student achievements to committee meetings, teacher awards to 5th grade continuations, we create many opportunities for celebration and we’re pretty great at it.

6. Whole Family, Whole Community

Wyatt Academy is more than a school. We are a community hub for family support and for the entire community. In addition to the Empowerment Center we have gardens, a new beautiful playground, and the only Mini Pitch in town for the community to enjoy. We also participate in many community events and activities, so look for our logo and say ‘Hi’!

7. Focusing on the Whole Child 

At Wyatt, students thrive socially, emotionally, and academically. We understand the importance of supporting the whole child – including mental health needs. We have a full-time social worker on staff to support our students and families and we honor Individual Education Programs (IEPs) and provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to further meet the needs of every student. 

8. Wonder Kids of Wyatt

We grow Wonder Kids here at our tuition-free K-5 public school. Every week, each teacher awards one student the distinction of Wonder Kid. Criteria for this award and t-shirt is based on the Wyatt Core Value of the Week- Joy, Wonder, Community, or Opportunity.

9. Growing Beyond Green

We are one of only two schools in the area with the Green SPF score. Educating students with wonder, joy, opportunity, and community works and we’re proud of that. Wyatt achieved the Green SPF score and we’re growing in academic success from there!

10. What a Feeling!

Have we mentioned we are not your average school? Words won’t accurately describe it. You must visit and experience this incredible energy for yourselves. Within this historic building students, teachers, staff, and community members feel the indescribable magic of Wyatt. See first hand how we engage our students in wonder and learning. Join us! 

About Wyatt Academy

Denver’s Wyatt Academy nurtures K-5 students with expeditionary learning and our motivational spirit. Our students experience the power of community, the wonder of seeking knowledge, the joy of celebrating achievements, and the opportunity to grow through the arts. Sharing our garden plots, mini pitch, and Empowerment Center, we feel our essential connection to our community. We are magnetic energy. We are closing the achievement gap. We are Wyatt! Somos Wyatt!

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